Bloom Oklahoma

In the fall of 2019, Bloom multi sensory baby development classes will be launching in the state of Oklahoma. The classes are based in Weatherford at the Powerhouse Cheer location.



Founded in the UK by mum of 3 Victoria Jennings who has a love of music and child development. Victoria was looking for a flexible work life balance for when all her young children were in full-time education. Victoria had the idea of creating Bloom Baby Classes and began teaching classes in her hometown. The classes quickly became popular in her area and today there are 13 UK franchises across the United Kingdom.

Blooms baby classes focus on strengthening the bond between parent and baby, each activity encourages babies development and confidence.  Our classes are warm and welcoming and each week we explore a new theme making fond memories to cherish from babies first year.

Chelsea and her family.

Chelsea and her family.

Chelsea Jackson Villines

Welcome our FIRST Bloom Licencee Chelsea!

Chelsea grew up in western Oklahoma in the small town of Thomas. Even though she lost her hearing at the age of 18 months, she has succeeded in many areas of her life and continues to be successful!! She is happily married to her husband Matthew of 9 years and they have 4 boys with the youngest being born a little over a week ago. Chelsea works as a dental hygienist once a week and stays home with her boys the rest plus she influences many of us with her social media postings! She also enjoys teaching sign language on #signingsaturday and is looking forward to incorporating sign language into the Bloom classes! 

For the longest time, Chelsea’s goal was to create an opportunity for mamas to interact while allowing their newborn/toddler to better their sensory levels as well teach sign language since that’s the first language we learn before speaking!! She cannot wait to introduce you to BLOOM and the fun it will bring for mommies and little ones. 

To see some of Chelseas Signing Saturday sessions click here:


About The Classes

Caterpillar Club

For babies from six weeks to six months.

A gentle multi sensory, baby development and massage class for younger babies featuring a calming baby massage at the end of the class to ensure a long nap for your growing baby. Focusing on babies cognitive, physical, social & emotional and linguistic development in a fun creative way.

Busy Bees

Suitable for babies from six months to walking.

A highly interactive musical class where we focus on babies growing confidence with the big wide world.  Encouraging both fine and gross motor skills, teaching body awareness and stimulating your baby's perception of sounds with our fun range of songs and activities.  At theme time your baby gets to explore our fun range of bright props and exciting heuristic treasure baskets whilst developing their social skills with fellow Bloom babies!