Bloom Doncaster

Classes in Cantley, Finningley, Wadworth, Spotbrough & Bawtry.


Caterpillar Club

For babies from six weeks to six months.

A gentle multi sensory, baby development and massage class for younger babies featuring a calming baby massage at the end of the class to ensure a long nap for your growing baby. Focusing on babies cognitive, physical, social & emotional and linguistic development in a fun creative way.


Becky Howlett

Bloom Classes are designed to stimulate and engage your baby in their all important first year of life. Classes are bright and set in a sensory rich atmosphere to promote their brain growth and stimulate their little senses.

Each activity has been specifically designed and researched to encourage their development. During the classes we explain the benefits of each activity and song.

When you visit a Bloom class you are provided with ideas for bonding activities that you can copy at home to strengthen the bond between you and your baby. With our fun range of music with new and old nursery rhymes and an eclectic mix of music genres our music is different each week and helps to develop early speech and language skills.

Each week we explore a fun new theme where you can your baby can have fun at the circus, join us down the garden  or on a super space mission  each week is different and provides some great photo opportunities allowing you to cherish those memories of baby’s first year


Busy Bees

Suitable for babies from six months to mobile.

A highly interactive musical class where we focus on babies growing confidence with the big wide world.  Encouraging both fine and gross motor skills, teaching body awareness and stimulating your baby's perception of sounds with our fun range of songs and activities.  At theme time your baby gets to explore our fun range of bright props and exciting heuristic treasure baskets whilst developing their social skills with fellow Bloom babies