Unique Baby Girl Names That We Love At Bloom Baby Classes

I think it's safe to say that three is most definitely our magic number when it comes to having children. We always said that we'd love to have two children, and number three little Miss Isla came as our surprise baby number three!. When it comes to thinking about having any more children, we feel like we're happy and content as we are. There's two of us and three little ones and it feels right for us that way.

Before I was pregnant Dave and I said how lovely it would be to have a boy, but when I became pregnant the main thing was just that the baby was healthy. We never thought we'd go on to have three little girls! Our girls each have quite unique names, Ana, Honey and Isla.

I have found that sometimes people assume that if you don't have a particular gender of child in your family (in our case a little boyl) that it's probably something that you feel that your missing, but for us we're really happy with the three children we have. I don't feel the need to try for a boy our family is most certainly complete.

Despite feeling content as a family of five, I still often hear names at our baby classes that I think would be so lovely for other children. Some of my favourite girl names are names like Fern, and also Rain, but I also have a list of unique and unusual baby girl names that I really like the sound of. And since I am not going to have any use for them, I thought I would share them with you all here in case anyone else is looking for some name inspiration for a soon to be born little girl. :) So here is my round up of unique baby girl names that we love at Bloom Baby Classes.

1. Rosaleen - it's of Irish origin and it means a flower or a rose and it's such a pretty name!

2. Faith - I've always loved Faith - I think I first heard it from the TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I've loved it from there.

3. Ella - I am a HUGE fan of names like Ellie or Elliana they are really pretty!

4. Esme / Esmeralda - I really like the name Esme, I'm not sure why I just think it sounds so lovely. Esmeralda would be so nice as the full name to Esme.

5. Olympia - This name is one I've only recently started to love, but it's so unique and it always makes me think of strength and independence.

6. Alessia - Alessia is such a pretty name. I think it's actually the Irish version of Alexia! Lessie is also really nice as a shortened version of Alessia.

7. Aurora - This is such a pretty name and always makes me think of the Disney princess!

8. Theo / Theodora - Theo has become one of my absolute favourites and I think Theodora as a full name is so lovely too!

9. Belle - This is from my favourite Disney movie, Beauty & The Beast. I relate to Belle's personality a lot and I love the name as it's so pretty. I also like Bella (but then that's probably because I really like the Twilight moves too!).

What unique and unusual baby girl names do you love? Let me know if you'd like me to share my favourite unique baby boy names with you too and I will update you on my next Bloom Baby Class Blog!