3 babies, 3 pregnancies, 3 mindsets by Bloom Baby Classes

When i think back to each of my pregnancies they were all fairly different but what stands out each time is my attitude towards each one of them that makes them stand apart the most. I haven’t ever wrote about any of my actual pregnancies so thought it was about time! At Bloom Baby Classes we are now starting to see mum’s back with their second baby which is wonderful to see and some of you may be now thinking about baby number 2.

First time pregnancy – I knew exactly which foods I couldn’t eat, and was religious about avoiding them. Soft cheeses? No way! Runny eggs? Hell no!!

Second time – I have a vague idea of the foods I should avoid, but to be honest we were still co-sleeping with our 18 month old! I would ask Mr J “why do french women eat cheese when their pregnant? Will it be OK to eat some salmon?” I was much more relaxed and figured cheese wise I would just avoid unpasteurized. I was a lot more lazy about the whole thing second time round.The guidelines had changed within that small timescale anyway. (this isn’t medical advice always follow NHS guidelines folks"!”

Third time - With a 3 year old a 1 year old toddling around I was far too exhausted to even cook from scratch!! I drank a small glass of wine some evenings as it was my only sanity! By the time the girls were in bed I was far too tired to even think about food so M&S became our savior. In the daytime biscuits and cake would help my lagging body survive the day!

First time pregnancy – I worked full time in an office, 8.30-6pm Monday to Friday and beavered away, desperate not to drop any balls or compromise the quality of my work, despite feeling nauseous / exhausted / in later stages, like a whale. Terrified of not having an income or job to come back to after my maternity leave.

Second time – I walked out of above job after sitting for weeks at my desk feeling nauseous and realizing that life was too short. I needed to slow the heck down!! I missed my baby and full-time work was not for me.

Third time - I was self employed as a child minder as it meant I could be at home with my children and still earn something to contribute towards the bills. Being around children made me smile I only wished I could nap in the day like they did!

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First time pregnancy – I was so organised. I’m pretty sure that by four months pregnant, I’d already spent hours researching prams, car seats and cots. I’d started buying things from a baby bath to muslins, even though I wasn’t totally sure what muslins were for - how could I not know! I bought about 2 dozen and boy was I glad I did!

Second time –  I know I’ve got some stuff in the loft, I know I’ve got some stuff to buy, I know I need to do some research because there are so many new things available since I was last pregnant, but have I looked into any of it? Nope. Unlike last time, I know you can get by with minimal STUFF so while I will do some research and buy some new things, I’m not in a panic about it.

Third time - I hope its a girl! Let it be another girl so we don’t have to buy a thing! I’m too tired and skint to buy anything!! Boys are OK with a red pram ? What about pink baby gros? Let it be pink!

First time pregnancy – I had a fairly normal social life, you know aside from those first few weeks where I was green with nausea . But once that had gone during my mid trimester, I went to the pub with my friends, I went shopping at weekend for new baby things, lets show this bump off!!

Second time – Well - social life? Whats one of those?!.

Third time - As above, anyone who wants to sit in a pub drinking lime and soda at 8pm???? 8pm?? who goes out at 8pm????!

First time pregnancy – Every twinge I felt, in my stomach area, worried me. Is something wrong? Google helped or didn’t help. Messaging my friend who had had a baby every single damned day. .”is this normal TMI!”

Second time – I’m so much more relaxed. This is a walk in the park - just do not try think about the birth!

Third time - I was being monitored third time around as Honey baby number two was almost 10lbs! I was tired, fed up and grumpy. I had SPD and felt constantly tired but the time just flew I had barely any time to check baby centre I knew it all !! An absolute pro!

First time pregnancy – I pre-washed every item of clothing I bought for my baby. Before she even arrived, my house was covered in tiny pieces of laundry, hung up to dry I was Super-mum most definitely.

Second time – At about 37 weeks I got all the clothes out of the wardrobe, stuck them all in the wash together and folded them into another pile of things that would one day get put away.

Third time - “This can be worn again can’t it?” “oh that’ OK just a small stain they are only in them two minutes it will be fine” Most of the clothes missing, lost in a wardrobe somewhere. Hand me down Kate third time around.

I’d love to hear how your pregnancy’s were different and if you have more than 3 how it changed again from there! Drop your comments below.

Author Victoria Jennings, owner/founder of Bloom Baby Classes. Multi Sensory Baby development classes .