Cloth Nappy Week by Bloom Baby Classes Trafford


Cloth nappying – The phrase which makes many a new parent recoil in horror thinking of old fashioned bits of towels, giant safety pins, endless washing, folding and a terrible mess. But cloth nappies have had a huge revival In the last few years, no longer are you limited to terry squares and pins but you can choose from a huge selection of easy to use pre stitched nappies in a range of prints. There’s also nothing cuter than a baby with a giant colourful bum.

I’m talking to you now because Real Nappy week starts Monday 24th April! Which means the internet will be full of discounts and offers, it’s the perfect time for you to pick yourself up a taster pack and see if it might be for you. You may have heard me mention it in my Bloom Trafford classes once or twice but I LOVE cloth bumming, Poppy started on cloth when she was three weeks and we ran out of the hundreds of disposables we thought would last is years. My mum had brought us some terry towels and wraps so we threw one on her and never looked back.


We’ve never had a leak, poosplosion or nappy rash, she can go longer between changes as the cloth holds more and the fleece keeps her dry, I have tons of different coloured wraps and covers with amazing patterns on them and her bum is adorably huge! You don’t need to spend your time folding towels like we do, we also have a few Pockets, All in Ones and Pre Folds which are much easier to use for nursery or when we’re having a lazy day.

Pocket nappies are our nursery nappies because they’re so simple to use and dry super fast, pockets are a waterproof outer stitched to a fleece inner, the inner has an opening which you stuff with the insert of the material of your choice depending on your absorbency needs – Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp. We have a good few of these because you can get some great ones on Ebay for about £3

All in Ones are what they say on the tin, a waterproof, liner and insert all stitched together so it’s like like putting on a disposable nappy, couldn’t be easier. They dry pretty slowly though and they’re a little pricey so I only have one Bambino Mio we found in a charity shop for £2 (bargain of the week anyone?)

All in Twos – A cross between a Pocket and an All in One but with a two parter the insert poppers onto the wrap meaning it’s faster drying. Still these come at a bit of a higher price tag!

Flats and Pre-folds – This is where your Terry Toweling comes in, its a little more work to fold and fasten the nappy with a snappi but I use them all the time because they’re so versatile, there are folds for boys, folds for girls, folds for heavy wetters, folds for night time, day time, you name it. Pre-folds are pre-stitched into a flat rectangle which you just fold in half twice and pop into a waterproof wrap. With both of these you need to have a separate waterproof wrap to go on the outside.

But what about washing them!? We do a wash every three days so four nappies a day and one for night, we have 20 to last us the three days and then a day for drying but most of ours a dry within the afternoon of the third day. We dry pail our nappies so they’re kept in a plastic bucket outside, and no they don’t smell! Then they’re washed on a long cycle with a non bio powder on a 40, Hung out to dry and then folded! Our water bill has actually dropped in the last few months and it’s only about another hour of work a week, worth it for the money we’ve saved.

If you want to give it a go you can take a look on  to see if you’ve got a local nappy library available so you can have a chat and rent a kit. Alternatively I’d suggest taking a look at your budget and buying one of each so you can try them all out before you commit to a few! Is also your go to for anything cloth nappy related!

Happy Cloth Bumming everyone – Love Nichola and Poppy from Bloom Baby Classes Trafford x

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